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Pink Floyd was known to put on a show, and The Division Bell tour in 1994 was obviously no exception. With or without the benefit of mind-altering substances, even the most jaded concertgoer could expect Floyd to put on a show that would rattle the senses. As the revered godfathers of the stadium spectacle, the legendary band members really only had themselves to blame for the standard they created with their impressive laser light shows and extravagant stage designs. The 1994 tour was a massive success and was the highest grossing concert tour of all time up until that date in 1994. This merch tee recalls the historic 90’s tour when Pink Floyd used cutting-edge technology never before seen in a touring concert environment. Featuring the legendary face-to-face Division Bell monoliths and 1994 world tour stops, this is a double-sided gem that reflects Pink Floyd summoning the music industry and concert settings to up the ante.